Physical Inactivity and Other Diseases

Few days of bed rest has pronounced negative effects on fitness and metabolism, and just 14 days of sedentary lifestyle has substantial effects on fitness, glucose metabolism and body composition.

Patients with chronic disease will, more often than others, experience periods of pronounced physical inactivity (acute inactivity). This could be caused by acute exacerbation of chronic illness or by bed rest because of bone fractures, surgery, or critical illness.

Individuals with chronic disease are in great risk of reaching a level where the functional capacity is so poor that they will be dependent of help from other people. The importance of avoiding physical inactivity in these individuals is therefore clear.
Overall, the group is working to clarify the effects of physical inactivity on health in two ways:

1) Intervention Studies of hospitalized patients, to investigate whether increased physical activity during hospitalization affects mortality, number of readmissions and length of hospital stay.

2) Human experimental studies on healthy subjects, to clarify the underlying mechanistic causes of the negative effects of physical inactivity on health.